Not all mobile phone insurance plans are created equal. Many of them require that you purchase at the time of phone sale or put heavy restrictions on what’s covered. Here’s a few things to consider when making your phone insurance choice.

  1. What does it cover? – Weigh all the options when it comes to coverage. Does the plan allow you to customize coverages based on your budget? If they are all-inclusive plans, what does that really mean? Be sure to inquire about lost and theft since many plans don’t cover either.
  2. Do my premiums go up or down in cost? – As your phone ages, it’s value declines. So why are you paying for insurance where your premium is based on a new device? Ask about premium costs and how they change over time.
  3. Is the deductible reasonable? – If/when you have to use your insurance, is the deductible more costly than the damage itself? Certain fixes are relatively inexpensive and a high deductible doesn’t make sense for those repairs.
  4. Are lost and theft coverages available? – Many plans will cover damages, but not cover lost or stolen phones. This coverage is crucial since over 19 million phones are lost or stolen each year.
  5. How much am I really saving when I buy mobile phone insurance? – Take into consideration how much a new device would be vs the cost of the deductible. With insurance, you’ll find that you save quite a bit. You won’t be caught without a device in case you can’t cover the high cost of a replacement considering the average cost is $545.

We offer high-quality, customizable insurance plans for phones of all types and ages. You get to choose what premium and deductible fit your budget.


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